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In English lessons the aim is to inspire boys with a love of reading, and to respond in discussion and writing, both interpretively and creatively. Language skills are developed year on year to ensure that the boys learn to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts with a strong understanding of grammar and the ability to spell correctly. We teach the boys to read a variety of texts, and to think about their meanings and importance. We teach the techniques by which writers achieve their purposes. Reading is strongly encouraged throughout the school, and there is a full-time Librarian who oversees our well-stocked Library.


Rokeby prides itself on developing strong mathematical skills within the boys. Emphasis is put on numeracy, practical maths, good mechanical skills and logical thinking in problem solving, as early as possible. Boys are placed in sets according to their ability in Year 5.

Years 5 and 6 participate in the Primary Maths Challenge, organised by the Maths Association. A small group of Year 6 boys also participates in the Eagle House School Maths Challenge. Boys can experience with ‘Mathletics’ and other IT-based maths learning strategies.


Rokeby Science engages boys in the amazing workings of our universe and our own world. Two large, well-equipped laboratories allow practical and experimental activities in support of a full range of topics taught in the three subject areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The boys are trained in investigative and observational skills whilst gaining a broad and thorough understanding of the factual elements and encouraged to develop an inquiring approach. Questioning everything is vital to our approach, which the boys certainly seem to enjoy.

French and modern foreign languages

French is started in Year 2, and continues for the rest of the time that the boys are at Rokeby. Equal emphasis is given to the four skills (reading, writing, oral and listening) so that oral fluency is combined with grammatical accuracy enabling boys to express themselves with confidence and competence. ICT activities are fully integrated into lessons, to help to make the learning ‘real’. We visit France and communicate with native French speakers so that boys feel comfortable as Europeans.


All boys are given an introduction to the ancient Greek and Roman world in Year 3. They begin learning Latin in Year 5 and continue through to Year 8 when they sit the Common Entrance (CE) or a Scholarship Exam. The subject encompasses not only the language, but also some history and culture so that the boys gain an understanding of the foundations of civilisations which have had such a profound influence on the modern world. Greek is taught in Year 8. There are regular trips offered to Rome and Greece to enrich the boys’ learning.


Rokeby Geography seeks to foster a sense of wonder in relation to the wider world and developing a sense of place and location, giving boys an understanding of different physical and human environments and the processes which have affected their development, encouraging empathy and understanding for other peoples and their cultures, as well as a concern and personal responsibility for planet Earth.

“...encouraging empathy and understanding for other peoples and their cultures as well as a concern and personal responsibility for Planet Earth.”
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At Rokeby, the learning of History encourages the boys to consider how the past influences the present, to develop a chronological framework, to explore source material, weigh it up and reach their own conclusions. They research and sift through evidence so as to be able to argue a point of view, to learn about the past in Britain and the wider world and thus develop a love of history that can be a life-long pleasure. Cross-curricular links are explored where possible and regular trips to sites of historical interest are organised or incorporated into other residential trips, such as to Northern France.

Religious studies

At Rokeby we aim to enable the boys to understand the foundational values of humanity demonstrated in its diverse cultures and woven through its beliefs systems. Judoe-Christian teaching forms the basis of the syllabus, while the tenets and practices of other religions are studied in detail in Years 5 and 6. Boys are encouraged to respect other cultures and to discuss how the beliefs and values can be applied to contemporary issues in our modern society. Cross-curricular links are developed and visits are often arranged to places of worship.

“Education is always about the future and this is, in many ways, why we are a prep school”

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