Meet the Eco Team

Posted: 05/11/2015

As part of the school’s bid to be more sustainable and to educate the boys about being more environmentally aware each class has nominated an Eco Rep. The role of an Eco Rep is to remind their class (and the teachers!) to think about green issues and help reduce the schools waste. Such roles and responsibilities include;

  • Ensuring all paper is recycled
  • Emptying the recycle bins
  • Ensuring interactive boards and projectors are turned off
  • Turning lights off when leaving the room
  • Closing doors to maintain heat during colder months
0P Stanley Bocquet 3P Jamie Zweimueller 5H Ollie Houghton 7B Kallum Green 0G Rhys Bunting 3B Alfie Webb 5S Edward Cheeseman 7H George Weston 1E Max Dutton 3R Sam Bishop 5D Henry Ceams 7J Freddie Farago 1S Arno Cawthra 4P Victor Bocquet 6T Curtis Day 8H Joseph Gil 2D Maximillian Lopez 4L Leo Peck-Clements 6B Matty Norgen 8A Jake Murray 2A Taylor Caine-Hall 4R Nick Howell 6C Bilal Naqvi 8B Oliver Harrison Behind the Scenes The school is working hard to make its environmental footprint a little smaller. Recycling is an important first step to achieving this whilst educating the boys about looking after their world. Each class, office and workspace now has its own special recycle bin which the Eco Reps will help empty. Hopefully the kitchen will soon be joining us and making sure that all plastics, tins and food is recycled. The way the school is managing its booking procedure for Parents Meetings is changing. In a bid to reduce the paper chain of reply and confirmation slips the whole process is going digital. A link to the booking system will be emailed to parents who then choose the appointment most convenient to them. No more ticking boxes and waiting for confirmation of times! Events Every year the school organises a food waste competition where every boy who eats all his lunch is awarded a token for his house. The house with the most tokens at the end of the competition is the winner. It is always a great success with lots of empty plates and full stomachs. It is also a fantastic way to educate the boys about the importance of food waste. This year we will be having termly competitions, the first of which will be the w/c 16th November. Watch this space to see which house is the winner! Coming Soon Car share news Recycle your batteries and toners ‘Super Heroes save the Planet’ Drama workshop for the Lower School Can you help? Are you a keen environmentalist? Do you have any experience in sustainability? If you do and would like to come into school to speak to the boys we would love to hear from you. Please contact Mrs Philo directly