Rokeby school uniform is supplied by:

34 Molesey Road
KT12 4RQ
T: 0845 601 6535
E: info@alleycatz.co.uk
W: http://www.alleycatz.co.uk

Opening hours are: Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm. There is free parking within the Waitrose complex next door to the shop.

Parents are asked to ensure that boys wear the correct uniform, and that it is kept clean and in good condition and that shoes are polished regularly. Please name all items of clothing and equipment. Contact AlleyCatz for details of their naming service.

The school cannot be held responsible for the loss of unmarked clothing.
DS = Department Store

School Uniform

Item Description Supplier
Blazer Grey with Rokeby shield & braid AlleyCatz
Rokeby coat Black with Rokeby logo –Not Mandatory AlleyCatz
Shirt White short sleeved or white long-sleeved AlleyCatz or DS
Polo shirt Discontinued
Tie In Rokeby colours (Reception have velcro fastening) AlleyCatz
Pullover Grey v-neck with Red Trim AlleyCatz
Shorts Grey shorts (no cargo shorts) can be worn during Apr-Oct AlleyCatz or DS
Trousers Long Grey trousers may be worn from Oct-Mar if the weather is cold AlleyCatz or DS
Socks Winter – long grey with red hoop if worn with shorts Grey or black socks with long trousers Summer – long grey with red hoop if worn with shorts AlleyCatz
Shoes Black lace-up shoes. Velcro fastening most suitable for R-Y2. No trainer shoes. Any shoe shop
Art overall Red plain nylon front-fastening art overall AlleyCatz
Book bag (R-Y1) Rokeby-branded red book bag. All new bags must have name embroidered by AlleyCatz AlleyCatz
Book bag (Y2-4) Black satchel style book bag with Rokeby logo. Large enough to carry books. All new bags must have name embroidered by AlleyCatz AlleyCatz
Senior school book bag (Y5-8) Large black rucksack with Rokeby logo. All new bags must have name embroidered by AlleyCatz AlleyCatz

PE & Games Kit

Item Description Supplier
House polo shirt In House colours: Bazalgette – Black Galsworthy – Grey Moody – Blue Olive – Red (PE lessons andSummer Term Games) AlleyCatz
PE shorts White with Rokeby logo (PE lessons & Summer Term Games) AlleyCatz
PE socks White ankle-length (PE lessons & Summer term Games) AlleyCatz or Sports shop/DS
Trainers (non-marking soles) Plain white (NB: white with blue and/or black markings are also permitted). Velcro fastening most suitable for R-Y2 Any shoe shop/ AlleyCatz
Rokeby fleece Black with Rokeby logo (Can also be used for playground in cold weather) AlleyCatz
Waterproof tracksuit top Black & Red with Rokeby logo (optional from Y2) AlleyCatz
Waterproof Tracksuit bottoms Black & Red with Rokeby logo AlleyCatz
Games shirt Red & Black striped, long-sleeved (one shirt to be worn for both rugby and football in Autumn & Spring terms) AlleyCatz
Games shorts Black with Rokeby logo (Autumn & Spring terms) AlleyCatz
Sports socks Striped black & red (Autumn & Spring terms) AlleyCatz/ School
Football/rugby boots (Y1-8 only) Studs must be kite marked to comply with RFU requirements. Velcro fastening most suitable for Y1-Y2 Sports shop
Baseball cap Red with Rokeby logo AlleyCatz/ School
Beanie hat Red with Rokeby logo – Not mandatory AlleyCatz/School
Water bottle Rokeby-branded bottle with space for boy’s name AlleyCatz/ School
Small Games rucksack (R-Y3) For Games kit. Black with Rokeby logo. All new bags must have name embroidered by AlleyCatz AlleyCatz
Sports bag (Y4-8) For PE & Games kit. Black with Rokeby logo. All new bags must have name embroidered by AlleyCatz AlleyCatz
Boot bag (Y1-Y8) Black with Rokeby logo (name embroidered - optional) – Not mandatory AlleyCatz
Shin guards (Y3-8) (To be advised by your teacher when to wear) AlleyCatz
Mouth guard (Y3-8) For rugby (your teacher will advise when to wear) Rokeby/
own dentist

Base layers – top & bottoms (Y3-8)
White for Spring/Summer and black for Autumn/Winter (If wishing to purchase base layers then Rokeby ones must be worn) AlleyCatz
Swimming Trunks(Y3 spring term) Navy Blue or Black Trunks (not shorts) Allez Catz or sports shop

Summer Games Kit for Y3-8 (Cricket)

Item Description Supplier
Cricket sweater White with red trim AlleyCatz
Cricket shirt White with red trim AlleyCatz
Cricket trousers White. Long trousers compulsory from Year 3 AlleyCatz/
sports shop
Cricket training shoes or cricket boots White. Boots not required for Year 3 Sports shop
Abdominal protector From Year 4 Sports shop
Cricket helmet Compulsoryfor Year 4 and above Sports shop

Reception-Year 2: boys should come into school in their Games kit on their allocated Games day and bring in their uniform to change into afterwards.

Years 3 and 4: may wear white shorts/tracksuit bottoms for cricket lessons, but not for matches.

Year 5 and above: tracksuit bottoms may be used for cricket practice and in Games lessons but not for matches.

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