Entry at 4+

Boys can be registered for entry at 4+ at any time from birth. The fee for registration is £100, and is non-refundable.

Places in the Reception class are allocated by a ballot, which is drawn in the first week of March of the year preceding entry, ie 18 months before the boys start. Parents who have registered their sons with the school will be sent a ballot entry form in January of the year preceding entry. For entry into Reception, September 2018 this must be returned by Tuesday, 28th February 2017. Before being entered into the ballot, parents must have visited the school either at our annual open morning or one of the Headmaster’s Coffee Mornings before the 28th February deadline.

The first names drawn will be offered places, with siblings being given priority (provided that the older sibling is doing well at Rokeby). Names will then continue to be drawn and placed in order on one of two waiting lists: one for boys born in September-February and the other for boys born in March-August, to ensure an even spread of ages throughout the year group.

Once offered a place, parents or guardians have two weeks from the date of the offer to return a formal acceptance, and pay a deposit of £2,500, half of which will be deducted from their first term's invoice, and the balance held as a deposit until their son leaves at 13. Should a boy leave before this time, the remainder of the deposit will be refunded only if the Headmaster has agreed the reason for his move. If no response to the offer has been received after the two-week deadline, we will assume that the place is not required and will therefore offer it to the first person on the waiting list.

All places offered are subject to a satisfactory nursery reference which we request from the nurseries nearer the entry date. Should the Headmaster deem the report to be unsatisfactory, then the offer will be retracted and all monies refunded (excluding the £100 registration fee).

Parents or guardians of a boy who accept, but do not subsequently take up a place, will forfeit the whole deposit paid. If less than a term's notice is given, a whole term's fee in lieu of notice will also be payable.

Entry at 7+ and 8+

Rokeby has a few places available to external candidates for entry at 7+ and 8+.

Entrance exams for entry into the school at 7+/8+ in September 2017 will be held on Saturday, 7th January 2017.

To enter for the exam, boys must be registered with the school. The cost of registration is £100 which is non-refundable.

The administration fee for the entrance examination is £100 and this fee is non-refundable.

Occasional Places

We operate small waiting lists for occasional places at other entry points throughout the school, up to and including Year 7, subject to availability.

Each candidate is assessed in relation to his age, with younger boys being given a more informal assessment.


Please contact the Bursar for further information.

Rokeby is a high-achieving school with an impressive academic record, which does its very best to help all boys in every year group to achieve their potential. Parents will be kept informed of their son's progress throughout his time at Rokeby. Progress through the School is conditional on each boy achieving a good standard of learning. In the event that a boy is not achieving the standards required, parents will be contacted by the School, to discuss their son's academic progress and a plan of action for improvement, usually by way of additional support, will be offered. However on very rare occasions it may be necessary for parents to seek an alternative school where their son will thrive. However, Rokeby does hope and expect that all boys entering the school at 4 years old will remain until they are 13.

School fees

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Pupils wearing the Rokeby uniform

A complete list of the school's uniform requirements, including general uniform and sports kit.

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