Do you run a coach service?

Yes, we currently run 2 coaches and 3 mini buses on 5 routes picking up and dropping off predominantly from South West London beginning from 7.35am. For further information please contact the Premises Office.

Do I need to meet the Headmaster?

No, this is not a requirement. However, you are required to visit the school prior to the ballot. The school holds regular coffee mornings and an annual open morning that you are welcome to attend.

What does the entrance assessment consist of at 7+?

The assessment is designed to test your son’s ability in English skills (e.g. reading and writing), Maths and Reasoning.

Are there any past papers for the 7+ entry assessments?

No there are no past papers, we are simply looking at your child’s natural ability and you should not try and prepare for the entrance assessments.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

The school will offer scholarships on entry or within the time your son is at the school. There is no application procedure.

Do you cater for pupils with Learning Difficulties?

We have a learning support team who help the boys who are finding some areas difficult. Extra lessons which incur a small fee are available. Our aim is to support boys where possible and to work with parents to achieve this. It is important that all pupils can cope in the normal classroom situation as any pupils with learning difficulties are not taught separately.

We are seeking a bursary, how do we apply for this?

The school offers a small number of bursaries for boys from Y3 upwards. Parents should write to the Headmaster to request the application procedure.

If our son comes to the school and our circumstances change can we then apply for a bursary?

Certainly, if this should be the case please contact the Bursar directly to discuss your situation.

Can we pay upfront for all the time our child will be at Rokeby?

Not as yet, we will accept an annual fee but there are no discounts available if you choose to do this.

Can we make staged payments?

We do offer a monthly payment plan to spread payments but there is a charge for this. Otherwise, all fees are collected on the first day of term by direct debit.

Do you cater for children with food allergies?

From time to time there are children in the school who may have food allergies. We try to work with parents to ensure no children are placed at risk so we ask that this is brought to our attention before your son enters the school or immediately after diagnosis if he is already in the school.

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