Headmaster's Welcome

The Best Start

The headmaster

Choosing a school is probably one of the most challenging and time-consuming decisions you will make. Of course, you want the very best for your child and you are investing so much in your child's happiness and future in every sense.

To make the right choice can be a lengthy and demanding process. However, the right decision will bring enormous happiness and success to your son and you will be filled with pride and joy as you watch your son's future come together.

When I look around at today's Rokeby boys I am delighted that so many have been given the opportunity to benefit from the education we provide. We not only prepare them for a fine senior school but also strive to give them the very best start in their young lives.

I realise that not every school is right for every child. For that reason, I encourage you to visit us either on your own, at one of our regular coffee mornings or for an Open Day. Our Coffee Mornings and Open Days give you your own ‘feel’ for exactly what we have to offer not only academically but socially, culturally and through the many activities that we offer.

We will welcome you warmly and I look forward to meeting you.

Jason Peck